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It was thirty years ago today … with the lights out, it’s less dangerous

with the lights out, it's less dangerous

It is strange to think that such an iconic album would never reach the number one slot either side of the Atlantic, despite being in the charts for more than seven years.  In a similar manner to Never Mind the Bollocks in the early punk scene, from which the title is thought to have been influenced, this record became the poster-album for Grunge.  Rolling Stone magazine made it number one in their Top 50 Grunge Albums list, and it has been voted Best Album of the ‘Nineties on several occasions as well as making the top ten in numerous Best Album of All Time lists.

Album: Nevermind
Artist: Nirvana
Released:  24th September 1991
Weeks in UK Album Chart: 358
Highest Chart Position: 5

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It was thirty years ago today … under the bridge downtown

under the bridge downtown

Despite this being their fifth album, it was the breakthrough record for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, although some dedicated long-term fans may well disagree with that.  It marked their change of label, and features a slightly less-heavy style than previously, which no doubt helped with its success.  Unusually, it was released on exactly the same day as another classic – Nirvana’s Nevermind – which it comfortably outsold for several years.

Album: Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Released:  24th September 1991
Weeks in UK Album Chart: 121
Highest Chart Position: 25

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It was twenty years ago today … met a girl, thought she was grand

met a girl, thought she was grand

Very much a slow burner in the UK, this album didn’t enter the charts here until almost six months after its release.  As indeed were the band themselves, who took nearly ten years to make this, their debut studio album.  It also made the top ten in the US Billboard Chart as well as going three-times Platinum.  Sometimes it just takes longer to produce a classic.

Album: Come Clean
Artist: Puddle of Mudd
Released:  28th August 2001
Weeks in UK Album Chart: 41
Highest Chart Position: 12

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It was fifty years ago today … and the world looks just the same

It was fifty years ago today ... and the world looks just the same

What eventually was released as a single studio album developed from a double-album rock opera concept by Pete Townshend called Lifehouse, which you can read more about in my Album of the Year 1971 blog.  Despite the difficult gestation, it has emerged as probably the band’s best album, and features in the top 50 of many Best Albums of All Time lists – including mine.

Album: Who’s Next
Artist: The Who
Released:  14th August 1971
Weeks in UK Album Chart: 18
Number of Weeks at No.1: 1

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It was fifty years ago today … you introduced me to my mind

It was fifty years ago today ... you introduced me to my mind

Now a feature of most Top 50 Heavy Metal Albums of All Time, this ‘difficult third album’  was absolutely panned by the critics when it was released.  And yet it was not only a chart success at the time, it has been quoted by many second and third-generation metal bands as one of their major influences.  A good job most of us take very little notice of critics!

Album: Master of Reality
Artist: Black Sabbath
Released:  21st July 1971
Weeks in UK Album Chart: 14
Highest Chart Position: 5

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