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It was forty years ago today … no sound but the sound of his feet

Their only number one album in a ten year period between News of the World in 1976 and A Kind of Magic in 1986, but probably their best in terms of all round work.

Album: The Game
Artist: Queen
Released:  30th June 1980
Weeks in UK Album Chart: 18
Number of Weeks at No.1: 2

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Recently during Lockdown, there have been lots of ‘challenges’ on social media that you had to be nominated for by someone who had already done them.  Name ten albums that mean something to you, one a day for ten days was probably the most popular – I did it twice, although I modified the ‘rules’ to suit, as is my wont.  Then there were books, films, TV comedies, and so on. The last one, just before it all began to peter-out, was your six most memorable gigs of all time.

A friend was nominated and I was hoping he would pass on a nomination to me, but it never came.  I was discussing this omission with another friend – actually I was having a bit of a whinge about it – to which he simply said: well, write a blog then!  Obvious really – duh! Continue Reading

It was forty years ago today … lost in a forest all alone

lost in a forest all alone

The Cure’s second album, and the one that set them up for their chart success with later, and maybe not quite so cutting-edge, productions.

Album: Seventeen Seconds
Artist: The Cure
Released:  22nd April 1980
Weeks in UK Album Chart: 10
Highest Chart Position: No.20

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Curtis Eller's American Circus

I love small venues, and one of my favourites locally is the Old Theatre Royal in Bath – very atmospheric with wonderful acoustics.  I always try to get along to a couple of gigs during their annual fringe@theOTR fortnight during the City’s Fringe Festival, because they often unearth bands you don’t normally see.  This year they managed to get Curtis Eller’s American Circus all the way from North Carolina as part of their European Tour promoting the new album A Poison Melody

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My selection for Album of the Year 2018 was not, perhaps, chosen from the greatest year for new music in recent times.   In fact I seemed to spend the first half of the year catching-up on some 2017 albums that, somehow, passed me by.  Maybe this was due to our trip to the other side of the world to see our Grandkids in Australia, and their Mum & Dad of course, which spanned November last year into February this year, meaning that I missed my usual year-end trawl of the CD racks here.

Never mind, I thought, I’ll be in Australia’s largest City, so I can do it there – somehow forgetting previous experiences.  Sydney is an anachronism.  It is really modern and vibrant on the surface, and very easy to get around either by Ferry or Bus.  The bus drivers often have their own beatbox playing as they travel along, the only problem being their selections seem to be totally stuck in the ‘seventies and ‘eighties.  The record shops are similar – rack after rack stuffed with multiple copies of classic albums, but far less that’s current.  Not that it’s a bad era to hear, you just yearn for an up to date surprise from time to time. Continue Reading