It was forty years ago today … lost in a forest all alone

lost in a forest all alone

The Cure’s second album, and the one that set them up for their chart success with later, and maybe not quite so cutting-edge, productions.

Album: Seventeen Seconds
Artist: The Cure
Released:  22nd April 1980
Weeks in UK Album Chart: 10
Highest Chart Position: No.20

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Selecting my Album of the Year 2019 was a lot more difficult this year, as there was a lot of good music about.   Although some of it was from a selection of new artists, this was a small cohort in relation to the number of old friends whose new offerings found their way onto the player this year.

Having said that, there were also some notable absences from the purchases of acts I have followed for many years, who also released albums this year.   Old favourites that couldn’t raise my interest beyond a tentative listen included Hozier, Chemical Brothers, Morrisey, Santana, Madonna, Kaiser Chiefs, Sheryl Crow, Bat for Lashes and Stereophonics.   Others survived the tentative listen test, only to be rejected fairly swiftly in the shortlisting process.  Continue Reading

It was forty years ago today … walking back from your house

Originally billed as a punk band, their second album placed them firmly in the mainstream.   Not a bad track on here.

Album: Reggatta de Blanc
Artist: The Police
Released:  2nd October 1979
Weeks in UK Album Chart: 74
Number of Weeks at No.1: 4

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Curtis Eller's American Circus

I love small venues, and one of my favourites locally is the Old Theatre Royal in Bath – very atmospheric with wonderful acoustics.  I always try to get along to a couple of gigs during their annual fringe@theOTR fortnight during the City’s Fringe Festival, because they often unearth bands you don’t normally see.  This year they managed to get Curtis Eller’s American Circus all the way from North Carolina as part of their European Tour promoting the new album A Poison Melody

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It was fifty years ago today … from Soho down to Brighton

The first true concept album, Pete Townshend’s rock opera has been performed every which way in the intervening fifty years – as a live concert, with orchestral backing, as a film, even as a stage show.  But the original still takes some beating – just listen to Moonie’s drumming, it’s almost like a lead instrument in places.

Album: Tommy
Artist:  The Who
Released:  17th May 1969
Weeks in UK Album Chart: 11
Highest Chart Position: No.2

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